Simply… Thank You!

I’m still trying to digest the incredible experience that was the Camden Fringe. So many months of work, planning and anticipation, and all was done within 4 days, before I even realised it! I am so grateful for everything! Fear can hold you back at any age, and I’m so happy that I pushed myself and I finally made this… Read more →

Origins and Obstacles

“What is your show about?”I always found myself pausing, what seemed to be way too long for a normal pause, before answering this question. If I’m honest, I used to dread this question. The fear of not answering “correctly”, of saying the wrong thing or in the case of my current piece Ophelia Rewound, of saying too much.I could talk… Read more →


Following a beautiful sharing at Fly Pit’s Lighthouse and an exciting scratch performance in Exeter’s Bike Shed in 2017; after a residency period at Bathway Theatre Network supported by the University of Greenwich in 2018, Ophelia Rewound is ready for it’s UK premiere which will take place in May 2019 as part of Cellar Theatre’s Spring Season! It’s been a… Read more →

“Good month”

Every first of the month in Greece we greet each other with the phrase “Καλό μήνα”. It literally translates to “Good month” but a more appropriate translation would be “May you have a good month”. So it feels only appropriate that I chose today to express some very good emotions that I have been feeling lately. A life in the… Read more →

Introducing: Ophelia Rewound

Ophelia is back! It has been exciting, frustrating, difficult, rewarding – to name but a few – to see her evolve and transform through the years. From a mere silent presence in 2009, to a jazz singer in 2011, to today…and into the Lighthouse. I am so proud and emotional to take the next step and introduce my Ophelia(s) to… Read more →

The 140 generation

It’s becoming scary out there. I am starting to fear for the future, and not sure how or what I can do to change the course of things. And I keep wondering when did things go awry, when was the exact moment we gave up on ourselves. I am not sure I will ever be able to answer this question… Read more →

Fuck resolutions!

Yesterday I had one of those glass-smashing moments. Something just clicked into place. The past decade felt like an uphill battle at times. Tribulations, disappointment, struggles, uprooting and re-rooting myself, of course joy, but also danger. And here we are 15 days to go until a new year comes along and brings whatever it is that it will bring along… Read more →

Little Diogenes

Diogenes of Sinope was a Greek philosopher and one of the founders of Cynic philosophy. To say that he was a controversial figure, is the least. Famously he begged for a living and often slept in a large ceramic jar. This is not about him; even though the controversy, his cynic philosophy and his jar were the inspiration for my… Read more →