Ofélia Unplugged (2011)

Photo by Costas Christou

Ofélia Unplugged was a scratch performance developed for Bob Theatre Festival’s Scratch Night contest at Chora Theatre in Athens. It arised from a 2-year-long research on the character of Shakespeare’s Ophelia. In September 2009 my friend, and at that time close collaborator, Flávio Rabelo, who had been researching and working on the character of Hamlet, invited me to participate as Ophelia in a demonstration that he gave in Brazil. Since then we kept exchanging ideas, impulses and material in order to create the between them relationship.

Ofélia Unplugged was the prelude to what came to be Ophelia Rewound.

Performed & Directed by Antigoni Spanou
Featuring Flávio Rabelo & Dimitris Papagalanis

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Rembetiko (2009)

Photo by Leandro de Maman

During my time with Zecora Ura, I participated in the DRIFT International residency that took place in Brazil, in September 2009. During the residency I explored some ideas and visual concepts along with my passion for a very beautiful Greek film called Rembetiko. The film is based on the life of famous Greek rembetiko singer, Marika Ninou. At the end of the residency all the artists shared what they had been working on during their time there, and what I had given birth to was the beginning of something involving interaction with projection, live action and film.

So Far So Good (2007)

Photo by Mere Words Photography

“A woman running to avoid her pre-determined fate and the definitions others have imposed on her. By the end of the journey she will be exhausted … but will she be closer to defining herself?”

So Far So Good resulted from a 10-week-long research as part of my practical dissertation for my degree at Rose Bruford College. The performance was part of the 2007 Graduate Festival at Battersea Arts Centre.

Performed & Directed by Antigoni Spanou