I explore myself through writing and with writing I express myself. I like playing with words, repetition and punctuation marks. Writers and poets who I admire are Fernando Pessoa, Konstantinos Kavafis and Alexandros Papadiamantis. If I had to summarise what my writing is for me, I would say that it is what it is and nothing more.

Here are some examples of my writing:


no opinion to express
keeping a neutral face
neither cold nor hot
simply stern
simply wait!
I need the hate, the inequality, the outrage
to hear the laughter easing my pain
I say “adieu”…for now


Many faces

My many faces, some only I can recognise
I hide them all
with isolation, negation and ignorance.
Alone with my thoughts, the ones that pain me
I dream that all will be gone once the new day dawns.
But nothing changes, not radically, not fast enough for me.
I feel lost and do not know which one to follow, all of their songs are enchanting.
And then something broke, I couldn’t hide it anymore.
Pain took over and all of my faces were gone.
Went back, allowed myself to fall and started from zero once more.
Now I stand before the mirror deciding which face is in my core.
And you? Which one is yours?


So here we are, once more again

So here we are …
free of our chains.
All of us now starting anew
watching each other from afar, through the smallest looking glass.
I cried for you, I felt alone
wanted to share all that I owned
but I did not know where to start, what to say nor who I was.
So there I was …
I took my time
wanted to find me outside the doubts
to be alone but not afraid
to build again, and then regain.
And now that I am back
I need you there, to be my friend
forgive and repair.
So here we are …
I cry to you
feel relieved, feel understood.
I hope you see that all through this time
I did not forget you, how could I? … our chains were the same, our chains were tight!
I simply waited for you to find
your own way out to the light,
to be complete, to be yourself
so we could say:
“So here we are, once more again…”



Se(m) vocĂȘ … existe


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