I do not consider myself an actress in the traditional, mainstream sense. I see myself more as a performer and a creative practitioner, and that is what this website is dedicated to.
However I do have a side that simply loves films and fantasizes about being directed by such geniuses such as Tim Burton, Marry Harron, Ken Loach, Kimberly Peirce, Pedro Almodóvar, Mike Leigh and Guillermo del Toro.

Therefore I have given in and acquired a Spotlight profile and I keep chasing that side of my dream.
On this page you can find out more about the film projects I have been involved in so far.

Offline (2013)

Film still

Offline is a short disaster comedy film that takes the very real threat of losing your internet connection and treats it like it’s the actual end of the world.

Starring: Hazel Hayes, Raymond Walsh, Jake Unsworth, Lou Marie Kerr, Charlie McDonnell, Antigoni Spanou, Pauline Menear, Darren Cockrill, Elijah Garcia, Lee Nicholas Harris & Martin Crossingham
Directed by Charlie McDonnell

The Egg (2013)

Film still

Filmed in Athens, Greece in the span of three weeks. A demanding project that unfortunately would never be completed, as the majority of the filmed material was lost.


The Egg is a three-part movie, one of which revolves around the story of a girl who witnesses her world collapse around her and follows the deconstruction of her identity.

Directed by Giorgos Koniaris

Eurydice Underground (2008)

Film still

Filmed in London, UK as part of the Nine Inch Nails “Ghosts” Film Festival. Inspired by “Ghosts”, Eurydice Underground is a 22 minute short film recontextualizing the classical Greek myth of Orpheus & Eurydice.

Improvised and shot on the go.


A failed leap year proposal leads to a wrong time/wrong place for Eurydice. As she descends into the underworld – literally the underground – where the dead continue on, she is unable to. Caught up in her memories and love of Orpheus she tries to catch the right tube home.

Lost in the underworld, a chance meeting with a sympathetic Izanami (the Goddess of creation and death) leads to her eventual return to the overworld.

Upon her arrival she discovers that Orpheus has moved on after her death. She decides to leave him in the land of the living after witnessing his new found happiness and returns to the underworld.

Starring: Antigoni Spanou, Astthor Agustsson & Keiko Sumida
Directed by Jamie Dee Franklin