Fuck resolutions!

Yesterday I had one of those glass-smashing moments. Something just clicked into place.
The past decade felt like an uphill battle at times. Tribulations, disappointment, struggles, uprooting and re-rooting myself, of course joy, but also danger.
And here we are 15 days to go until a new year comes along and brings whatever it is that it will bring along with it.
And I’m tired of resolutions; I’m shit at them! I can never stick to them and all I manage to do is make myself feel bad for not sticking to them.
So 2017 is not about resolutions or life-changing decisions.
It’s about a theme; and that theme is: “Moving On”
Moving on from the past, the hate, the sadness
Moving on from my fears, moving onto new dreams, new relationships and new adventures
Moving on and keep moving forward

But moving on doesn’t mean abandoning.
I also want to be there for people more. To offer my help and support others more. To be there for people if and when they fall.
So moving on and helping others along. Maybe it’s a theme; maybe it’s life in all.

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