Simply… Thank You!

I’m still trying to digest the incredible experience that was the Camden Fringe. So many months of work, planning and anticipation, and all was done within 4 days, before I even realised it!

I am so grateful for everything!
Fear can hold you back at any age, and I’m so happy that I pushed myself and I finally made this step!
The feedback has been so positive and overwhelming and I still can’t believe it at times.
The reviews have been very positive and on top of that Ophelia Rewound has made the finalist list for the OffFest Offie Award!

But more importantly speaking to people after the performance and hearing how the piece touched them or affected them is what this performance was all about. My aim as an artist is to create work that touches people, makes them feel, generates discussions and creates connections. And I feel that Ophelia Rewound has achieved that to a degree.

There are obviously things that still need work, questions raised that need addressing but overall I can’t help but feel ever so grateful to everyone that have been a part of this very important step in Ophelia’s journey.

From the bottom of my little, overflowing-with-emotions heart, THANK YOU!

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